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Merck, Pasteur Institute abandon COVID-19 vaccine development

American pharmaceutical company Merck and France’s Pasteur Institute, two of the world’s leading vaccine manufacturers, are abandoning COVID-19 vaccine...

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Jan 26 · >

Vaccines everywhere? Sinopharm’s COVID-19 vaccine has 86% efficacy

According to sources, the health ministry of the United Arab Emirates has said that an experimental COVID-19 vaccine produced...

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Dec 11 · >

Here is how you can sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine trials in Pakistan

As you may have heard that multiple companies have already prepared their vaccines such as Pfizer, Gamelaya, among many...

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Dec 10 · >

Pfizer CEO sold more than $5m worth of stock on day of vaccine announcement

Pfizer has had a huge week, not least because it announced a radical vaccine for COVID-19 that demonstrates an...

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Nov 14 · >

Is Pfizer’s vaccine the magical cure for COVID-19 we have been waiting for?

Pfizer along with their partner BioNTech SE just announced the results of their most promising COVID-19 vaccine termed the...

Nov 10 · >

Elon Musk refuses to get Coronavirus vaccine for himself and his family

Elon Musk is in the news quite often these days over squabbles with Jeff Bezos or his company’s record-breaking...

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Sep 30 · >