15 Arrested in UK’s East Leicester post India-Pak Match Clash

  Violent clashes between Muslims and Hindus have lately erupted in the streets of Leicester, England, mostly as a...

Oct 6 · >

India-Pakistan match tickets are being resold on this website for upto PKR 80,000

We know that the tickets for India vs Pakistan match at the ICC World Cup 2019 were officially sold...

Jun 14 · >

Get online tickets of PSL’s final match on

The people of Pakistan are very excited about PSL 3. Pakistan Super League is a massive achievement for the cricket...

Mar 14 · >

Multan Sultans gets the maximum Social Media limelight in PSL 2018

Even being the newest franchise in this year’s PSL wasn’t able to stop Sultans from claiming its fame on...

Mar 12 · >

This Australian tech firm is starting its operations in Pakistan to boost sports

Technology has proved its applications in every field of living. For sports, tech has vast applications including the likes...

Jan 16 · >

PTCL supports Pakistan’s cricket team by co-sponsoring in team’s jersey

PTCL has been expediting its move to go mainstream via participating in various social events. Pakistan cricket team’s jersey for...

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Dec 27 · >

OnePlus 5 revealed in Pakistan vs India Match

OnePlus, a Chinese mobile manufacturing company, headquartered in China, recently showed off its new much-anticipated device, OnePlus 5, in...

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Jun 19 · >

CricNama is the perfect Cricket News app for Urdu-lovers

CricNama, the top source for all things cricket in Urdu, has now also launched an Urdu-only Android app for...

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Feb 17 · >

Wasim Akram launches a cricket news application for Sports fans

A former Pakistani cricketer and a cricket Pundit, Wasim Akram has gone ahead and introduced a new app specifically...

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Feb 3 · >