Generative AI

Generative AI: The Next Big Thing In Grocery Retail

Grocers are adapting generative AI more quickly than expected Generative AI is used more frequently in the grocery industry...

Aug 24 · >

Nvidia Workbench Promises Generative AI Development Possible For Everyone

Nvidia AI workbench is an easy to use, unified tool kit that enable developers to quickly create, test and...

Aug 9 · >

Indian IT Giant ‘Wipro’ To Spend $1 Billion To Train The Staff In AI

Artificial Intelligence is a fast growing field and possesses the potential to take the economy to the next level....

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Jul 19 · >

Stability AI Launches Stable Doodle:A Sketch-To-Image Tool

Stability AI is an artificial intelligence-driven visual art startup that designs and implements OpenAI tools. Stability AI, a startup...

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Jul 14 · >

Amazon Invests $100 Million Towards a Generative AI Center

Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky says that the $100 million investment is Amazon’s “three steps in, and it’s...

Jun 23 · >

New Adobe Illustrator AI Tool Will Allow Users to Change Color Schemes in Artwork

Named ‘Generative Recolor’, the AI tool simplifies the coloring process and color scheme selections by eliminating the need to...

Jun 14 · >

Meta Releases ‘Human-Like’ AI Image Creation Model

Named ‘I-JEPA’, the AI tool uses background knowledge about the world inorder to fill missing pieces of images, an...

Jun 14 · >

5 Ways To Explore The Use Of Generative AI At Work

ChatGPT and other AI tools have taken the world to the next level. Since its launch it has become...

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Jun 13 · >

Adobe Partners With Google to Bring AI Image Generation to Bard

Thanks to this partnership between Google and Adobe, users can simply type a prompt and generate AI images directly...

Jun 8 · >

Google Launches Extensive AI Course For Free

Google, the biggest search engine, has announced seven Advanced generative AI courses that are free of cost. The courses...

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Jun 6 · >

Adobe Launches Generative AI Features for Photoshop

One of the most anticipated AI feature being added to Adobe Photoshop is the “Generative Fill”, which allows users...

May 23 · >

AI To Replace 300 Million Jobs: Is Your Career Safe?

As we know, the emergence of AI has changed the world and work environment in recent years, leading to...

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Mar 30 · >