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Google Gives Play Store New Navigation Redesign And More

With Google’s Play Store receiving a fresh new redesign based on the ‘Material’ theme, followed by a dark more,...

Apr 8 ·>

Google Play Store adds new icons to help you track changes in app rankings

Google Play Store has introduced a neat little feature that makes it much easier for you to track the...

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Jan 18 ·>

Malware Alert: A virus in Google Play Store is extracting user data from mobile devices

A deadly malware has been discovered on the Google Play Store, which is capable of collecting user’s contacts and...

Apr 15 ·>

Apple’s App store beats Google Play Store in revenue by miles

Apple’s App Store’s revenue is twice the revenue of the Google Play Store, a research by app-analytics firm Sensor...

Jul 17 ·>

Google Lens is now available on Play Store as a standalone app

Last year, Google made its new object recognition tool, Google Lens available to Assistant, later rolling it out for...

Jun 5 ·>

Apple mocks Android users in its latest ad

Apple, the US-based tech giant just made an ad that takes a dig at the safety issues the Google...

Apr 26 ·>

Apple App Store has more revenue while Google Play Store has more downloads, survey

The year 2018 started with the strongest quarter, the app economy has ever seen, shattering the previous records set...

Apr 12 ·>

Nacho Notch is the Android App that will remove the ugly notch of your phone

Since the start of 2018, all the smartphones coming-up whether they are flagships or mid-rangers, seem to adopt the...

Mar 30 ·>

These Google Play apps have affected 500,000 users with malware

Just recently, Google Play was updated to allow the users to test the games on the market app before...

Mar 27 ·>

Google bans apps showing ads on lock screen

For mobile developers, advertising revenue is one of the core sources of their income. It is fine that mobile...

Dec 5 ·>
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Google removes UC Browser mobile app from Play Store

UC Browser, a popular mobile web browser in many emerging markets, owned by China’s Alibaba Group, has disappeared from...

Nov 15 ·>

Google might remove millions of apps from Play Store soon

Google will limit the visibility and/or remove those applications from the Google Play Store which are violating company’s User...

Feb 11 ·>