Hackers Took Advantage Of A New Security Flaw To Compromise Updated iPhones

In recent news, the hackers behind the SolarWinds supply chain attack last year discovered an iOS vulnerability hence making...

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Jul 16 · >

Apple Said To Bring Faster Wireless And Reverse Charging With The iPhone 13

For quite a while there have been numerous rumors that the iPhone 13 will be portless and will support...

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Jul 7 · >

Now You Can ‘Use’ Android On Your iPhone Through Samsung’s New App Called ‘iTest’

Samsung has recently launched a web app called ‘iTest’ which allows iPhone users to experience the ‘Samsung Galaxy vibe’....

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Apr 12 · >

iPhone Users Have Been Warned To Be Careful With WhatsApp Backups, iCloud Is More Secure

According to a popular WhatsApp update leaker in a recent tweet, WABetaInfo, iOS users are to be very careful...

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Apr 12 · >

Now You Can Check If Your Accessories Are Compatible With Your iPhone With ‘Find My’

In recent news, Apple has launched a new application called ‘Find My Certification Asst.’ (FCMA) which is specifically developed...

Apr 7 · >

Apple iPhone Brand Loyalty reaches the highest levels ever recorded

According to a new survey of 5,000 US smartphone users ages 18 and older, conducted from March 3 to...

Apr 2 · >

Caviar customizes iPhone 12 Max with designs based on Mortal Kombat

With the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie hitting theaters and HBO Max on April 16, Caviar customized the iPhone 12...

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Mar 29 · >

Apple releases security patches for the iPhone, iPad and Watch

In order to prevent cyber attacks from hacker organizations, Apple has released a security patch that will oversee any...

Mar 29 · >

Apple fined $2 million in Brazil for selling iPhone 12 without a charger

In recent news, the consumer protection agency Procon-SP has fined Apple nearly $1.92 million for removing the power adapter...

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Mar 22 · >

Chinese companies aim to take on Apple with more affordable and high performance phones

In recent news, low-cost Chinese smartphones are currently taking advantage of the current 5G technology is said to counter...

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Mar 22 · >

WhatsApp will stop working on previous iPhone models

In recent news, WhatsApp is currently working on a new update that will bring changes in its services and...

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Mar 17 · >

Woman orders an iPhone 12 Pro Max and receives an apple-flavored yogurt instead

A recent incident occurred in China’s Anhui province where a woman paid more than $1,500 to buy the latest...

Mar 2 · >

Facebook launches new ad campaign to convince iPhone users to enable ad tracking

In order to ensure more user security and privacy, Apple had introduced its new privacy updates which forced all...

Feb 26 · >