Tim cook is downplaying the 5G hype in upcoming iPhone

While addressing the earnings call of the first fiscal quarter of 2020, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook was...

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Apple’s plan of ramping up the production of iPhone disrupted with Coronavirus Outbreak

Earlier this year, Apple announced to ramp up the production of iPhone by 10% in the first of the...

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Jan 28 · >

Apple’s new affordable iPhone SE 2 could be released in March this year

Rumors that Apple has been working on it’s latest addition to the iPhone lineup, the affordable iPhone SE 2...

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Jan 24 · >

Apple’s new effort for ending resources mining

Apple had been thriving on the self-improvement journey for a long time. Apple is very cautious about the potential...

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Users report problems and glitches in the new MacBook Pro 16

The all-new MacBook Pro 16-inch, launched this November, has already started to cause problems and glitches to the early...

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Dec 9 · >

Apple might release new iPhone models twice a year from 2021

According to the American publication CNBC, Apple wants to switch up its iPhone release strategy starting 2021. There are indications...

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Dec 3 · >

Apple appoints Mercantile Pacific as the official distributor in Pakistan

Mercantile Pacific, Singapore has been appointed as the official regional distributor for Afghanistan and Pakistan. The news was first...

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Nov 1 · >

New iPhone SE 2 rumoured to come out in early 2020

Apple launched the iPhone SE back in 2016, to great acclaim and quite decent sales figures. Now, there are...

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Oct 5 · >

Apple to debut Deep Fusion camera software in iOS 13.2 developer beta

Deep Fusion is a piece of image processing software that Apple has developed for the brand-new iPhone 11 and...

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Oct 3 · >

Millions of iOS devices struck by ‘unfixable’ iPhone flaw

A flaw affecting the vast majority of your devices is pretty unbearable, but it takes on a whole new...

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Oct 1 · >

Here’s why Asia is unimpressed by the iPhone 11

The Asian continent is a top priority for Apple nowadays, and understandably so. The company has steadily been losing...

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Sep 12 · >

Google says hackers used malicious websites to hack iPhones for two years

Researchers from Google have revealed that it found critical flaws in Apple which gave hackers the root access to...

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Aug 30 · >

Apple mistakenly unpatches iOS 12.4 vulnerability that let hackers jailbreak your iPhone again

The Cupertino giant Apple released iOS 12.4 last month, which contains a bug that was discovered by Google security...

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