PM Imran Khan recommends drone tech to monitor encroachment in the capital

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the relevant authorities in Islamabad to come up with a systematic plan of...

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Aug 20 ·>

StormFiber expands its 100% fiber-optic network to Sahiwal, Bahawalpur

StormFiber is intent on taking the nation by storm (pun absolutely intended), as it looks forward to expanding its...

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Jun 1 ·>

License penalty system to penalize reckless drivers on cards: IGP

The driving licenses of traffic rules’ violators would be suspended under the ‘Penalty Point System’, which is on the...

Mar 29 ·>

NITB encoruages Islamabad citizens to report kidnapping with the “City Islamabad” app’s E-police feature

Launched in March 2020 last year by the National Information Technology Board, the “City Islamabad” is an e-portal that...

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Feb 25 ·>

100 high tech vehicles to replace security check posts in Islamabad

The government is all set to purchase 100 digitally equipped vehicles to boost security in Islamabad, as they will...

Feb 21 ·>

Islamabad city to get more smart patrol cars

The federal capital of the country is reportedly about to get smart patrolling vehicles in the spirit of making...

Dec 24 ·>

Drive-in cinema to open in Islamabad next week

As part of the social distancing measures to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus, cinemas all over Pakistan have...

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Dec 9 ·>

PM Imran Khan issues orders for building 40-acre ‘Software City’ in Islamabad

From the largest undergrad scholarship program in the nation’s history to the launch of Hunarmand Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran...

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Feb 10 ·>

Islamabad police working on a smart traffic management system

The Traffic Police of the Islamabad Capital Territory is working on developing a new, automated traffic management system to...

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Dec 11 ·>

RFID number plates introduced in Islamabad

The Ministry of Interior has approved a project by the Islamabad Excise Department and Islamabad Safe City Project to...

Oct 9 ·>

Pakistan’s first Intelligent Transportation System to be introduced in Islamabad

Islamabad is all set to get Pakistan’s first Intelligent Transportation System which will help resolve traffic-related issues in an...

Jun 24 ·>

Google’s biggest event for developers to kick off in Islamabad on June 15

Google Cloud Developer Community (GCDC) of Islamabad is bringing one of Google’s biggest flagship events, Google Cloud Next ’19...

Jun 12 ·>