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Sajeel Syed • February 1, 2018

Facebook to push more local stories in your News Feed

Sajeel Syed • January 30, 2018
Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s recent changes in news feed is a call of death for publishers

Sajeel Syed • January 22, 2018

This is how you ditch irrelevant garbage on Facebook to see important/local stories

Sajeel Syed • January 13, 2018
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Facebook’s new algorithm changes might kill small publishers altogether

Sajeel Syed • October 24, 2017

Facebook Snooze will temporarily hide people from your news feed

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Facebook’s News Feed is about to get very different

Maryam Dodhy • August 16, 2017

Google introduces personalized news feed for its mobile search app

Ali Leghari • July 19, 2017