Sony And Honda Put Playstation 5 In Cars To Compete With Tesla

This year at CES 2023, Sony announced AFEELA. A new brand of electric cars in collaboration with Honda. AFEELA...

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Jan 9 · >

World’s First Wireless TV Is Ready To Launch In Two Weeks

The most innovative, wildest, and cutting-edge technology is coming to facilitate its viewers. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) traditionally...

Dec 20 · >

Nvidia’s new RTX 3080 Ti Set To Launch At June 3rd, Price Tag Revealed

Despite the numerous rumors regarding the 3080 Ti, the flagship gaming GPU is finally here which is based on...

Jun 1 · >

Nvidia Rumored To Launch GeForce RTX 3080 For An Event On May 31st

Nvidia is teasing the release of the RTX 3080 Ti graphics card for an event on May 31st through...

May 27 · >

Nvidia Rolls Out RTX 3050 And 3050 Ti For Laptops

Nvidia is set to roll out one of the greatest GPUs till now that is the RTX 3000 Series,...

May 18 · >

Intel, AMD and others request U.S President Joe Biden to accelerate Semiconductor Production

As the COVID lockdown, while varying in some countries, continues globally, the availability of semiconductors have become scarce. This...

Feb 15 · >

Qualcomm objects to Nvidia’s $40bn acquisition of ARM

U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm has told regulators around the world that it is against Nvidia’s $40 billion acquisition of British...

Feb 13 · >

This student from NUST is among the first ones to become a NVIDIA Certified Jetson AI Specialist

Muhammad Uzair Khattak, research assistant at SIGMA and the TUKL Deep Learning Lab in SEECS, NUST, is officially one...

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Dec 3 · >

Geforce Now videogame streaming service brings Fortnite back to iOS

All the Fortnite fans already know that Fortnite was kicked off the iOS App Store for implementing its own...

Nov 25 · >

Nvidia revenues rise to $4.73 billion in Q3 2020; a 57 percent increase YoY

Nvidia has reported a revenue of 4.73 billion dollars for the third quarter of 2020, a figure which is...

Nov 20 · >

Nvidia launches an 80GB A100 GPU tailored for AI

Designed to throw everything out of the water when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Nvidia’s...

Nov 17 · >

Intel launches Iris Xe Max graphics chip, announces Acer, Asus & Dell as its first customers

Intel has finally launched its highly-anticipated Iris Xe Max graphics chipset and announced that Acer, Asus, and Dell have...

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Nov 2 · >