Nvidia Is The Only Company That Witness A Massive Growth In Q1

The IC industry is currently facing an economic downturn due to dwindling demand. However, it so forecasted that things...

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Jul 12 · >

Apple To Use Own Wireless Chips For iPhone In 2025

Apple, the most significant iPhone company, is ready to launch its cellular chip. Apple has announced that it will...

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Jan 11 · >

Many Android Phones Will Soon Get Satellite Connectivity

This satellite connectivity will allow Android Smartphone users to send and receive basic text messages in an emergency ‘Qualcomm’,...

Jan 9 · >

Oppo is reportedly developing its own chips for flagship phones

It seems that Oppo is taking matters in its own hands, as it comes to light that the company...

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Oct 20 · >

Qualcomm Introduces A High End Snapdragon Processor For Entry-Level Computers

In recent news, Qualcomm has announced a second-gen Snapdragon processor that is specifically designed for entry-level Windows PCs and...

May 25 · >

Qualcomm Set To Launch A 6nm Chip

In recent news, Qualcomm is set to launch a new chip that will power the upcoming Honor smartphone series....

May 20 · >

MediaTek could unveil its 4nm chipset later this year: report

Although MediaTek managed to leapfrog ahead of Qualcomm as the world’s largest mobile SoC supplier, its current-generation offerings are...

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Apr 20 · >

Apple And Qualcomm Face Lawsuit Over Patent Infringement On 5G Chips

Apple and Qualcomm are facing a lawsuit due to a patent infringement on 5G technologies that are being used...

Apr 13 · >

MediaTek leapfrogs Qualcomm to become world’s biggest smartphone chipset vendor

Qualcomm seems to have been dethroned as the number one smartphone chip supplier in the world, now that last...

Mar 30 · >

Retailers are facing a shortage of PS5, Xbox Series X consoles

A surge in demand for electronics as more people stay home due to the coronavirus has led to shortages...

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Mar 9 · >

Qualcomm set to redefine wireless audio with the launch of Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound

As wireless audio becomes the new way of sound listening, companies are always looking to bring about further improvement...

Mar 8 · >

Global shortage of chips affects Xiaomi and others

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the reliance on digital infrastructure has increased throughout which has generally led to...

Mar 2 · >