Apple to update iPhone models across China to comply with court’s ruling

Due to Apple’s violations of two Qualcomm patents, the Cupertino based company is being forced to release two updates...

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Dec 15 · >

Qualcomm plans to ban iPhone XS and iPhone XR in China

Qualcomm’s recent lawsuits against Apple in China have been going pretty successful and the chipmaker intends to continue its...

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Dec 15 · >

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is now official

Qualcomm has officially revealed the Snapdragon 855 which will succeed the Snapdragon 845 chip found on most flagships nowadays....

Dec 5 · >

Snapdragon 8150 and Helio P80 outclass all other processors in AI benchmark

AI-Benchmark is a testing tool that provides a score for processors based on how well they perform in different...

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Nov 21 · >

Apple won’t be using Qualcomm’s chips in upcoming 2018 iPhones

Qualcomm has confirmed that Apple will not use its chips in the upcoming 2018 iPhones. This announcement comes amidst...

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Jul 26 · >

Apple refuses to use Intel chipsets in its iPhones

Apple has reportedly informed Intel that it will not be using its chips in its smartphones next year. The...

Jul 6 · >

Qualcomm releases 3 new budget chipsets

Qualcomm is the biggest player in the chip industry. Their current flagship chip, the Snapdragon 845 is used in...

Jun 27 · >

Wi-Fi’s biggest security update in over a decade is here

Wi-Fi Alliance, the organization that certifies Wi-Fi products and conforms standards, is rolling out the certification of products to...

Jun 26 · >

Apple files lawsuit against Qualcomm, asks for 4 patents to be canceled

Apple, being one of the biggest corporations of the world has immense legal authority and power. Their products are...

Jun 22 · >

Huawei’s upcoming chipset rumored to have double the power of existing flagship

Huawei comes within the list of the top smartphone manufacturers of the world and accordingly their reliance on third-parties...

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Jun 21 · >

iPhone production to go down by 20%, says Nikkei

Apple is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers of the world. Its net worth is nearly $1 trillion, which...

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Jun 12 · >

Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 850, a new chip for personal computers

Qualcomm is a known player in the smartphone chip market. Their chips are used in the flagships of many...

Jun 6 · >

Snapdragon 710 is coming for cheaper Android phones with AI features

Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 710 chipsets will make flagship smartphone features quite affordable. Qualcomm has announced the latest addition to...

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May 24 · >