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Sindh health department proposes Rs. 1.5 billion budget for COVID-19 vaccine acquisition

The Sindh Health Department has proposed the allocation of Rs. 1.5 for the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines. As such,...

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Jan 20 · >

Microsoft in Collaboration with Sindh Govt organizes “Education Days” focusing on the Modern Digital Classroom Technology

Microsoft in collaboration with Sindh Government has organized an event dubbed ‘Education Days’. The event will focus on Microsoft...

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Nov 23 · >

Swvl to join hands with the Sindh Govt

The massively popular public transportation service Swvl has been an integral part of what experts refer to as the...

Nov 12 · >

The tax imposed on ride-hailing companies will be a huge economic burden for drivers in Sindh

The bill for Fiscal Year 2019-20 was announced by the federal government just over a week ago and now...

Jun 20 · >