Govt of Pakistan To Launch Women Only Electric Taxi Service In Karachi

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Karachi: Pink taxis are a new step to providing safe and secure travel to women. Pink taxis have a camera monitoring system to secure passengers and female drivers.

The Sindh government has taken the step to start Electric taxi services to facilitate the citizens of Karachi. The aim behind Pink taxis is to enable female passengers and driven by women.

However, ‘the government will start an Electric vehicle (EV) taxi service in Karachi. We have principally agreed to start this taxi service under the Sindh Mass Transit Authority,’ said Sharjeel Memon, Sindh transport Minister on Tuesday.

In addition, he also said that the service would start in two phases comprising blue and pink color.
He added, ‘ we will start the pink taxi service, which would be only for women passengers in Karachi. The drivers of the pink taxis will also be women. Moreover, the pink taxis are planned to be fully equipped with cameras and a monitoring system to ensure drivers’ and passengers’ safety and security.

Pink Taxi

Furthermore, he also said that the electric taxi service would be safer, more affordable, and more comfortable for the metropolis’s citizens than a regular taxi and ride-hailing services.

Moreover, the Sindh confirmation and Transport minister said that the government plans to connect the recently opened Orange Bus Rapid Transit Service (BRTS) with the Green Line BRTS. This connection will help to make it a financially viable mass transit service.

According to Sharjeel Memon, the government is constantly taking initiatives to upgrade public transportation options in Karachi. Karachi and other significant areas of the province are also on the list. He seems hopeful and predicts that the public will soon witness the changes in the provincial capital.

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