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After Turkey, Germany wants to stop WhatsApp from implementing new Privacy Policy

WhatsApp has been facing a considerable backlash ever since it announced to update its privacy policy with changes that would allow...

Apr 15 · >

WhatsApp’s decision to delay privacy policy change is a positive step: Fawad Ch

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has called WhatsApp’s decision to postpone the implementation of its controversial...

Jan 16 · >

#WhatsAppheadquarters trends no.1 on Twitter as Pakistanis can’t get enough of the new privacy policy

After a very mixed response to the new privacy policy by WhatsApp with many people considering switching to alternatives...

Jan 12 · >

Turkey launches investigation into WhatsApp in the wake of controversial privacy policy

The Turkish Competition Board announced today that it had launched an investigation into the messaging app WhatsApp and owner...

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Jan 11 · >

Strong data protection laws needed in Pakistan after WhatsApp privacy policy change

In a response to the new WhatsApp privacy policy that openly allows the sharing of user data with Facebook,...

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Jan 11 · >

FACT CHECK: Will WhatsApp block your account if you don’t accept its new privacy policy?

Remember how, on the cusp of being acquired by Facebook back in 2014, WhatsApp assured its loyal base of...

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