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After Turkey, Germany wants to stop WhatsApp from implementing new Privacy Policy

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WhatsApp has been facing a considerable backlash ever since it announced to update its privacy policy with changes that would allow Facebook to aggregate all of its users’ data across all of its services. And now, the company might be in for some regulatory issues, as well. A German privacy regulator has opened proceedings to stop the company from moving forward with the privacy policy update.

The Hamburg commissioner for data protection and freedom of information, Johannes Caspar, is looking to stop Facebook from aggregating the data from WhatsApp, fearing that the company would use it to expand its marketing and advertising business.

Caspar said in a statement: “Currently, there is reason to believe that the data-sharing provisions between WhatsApp and Facebook are intended to be unlawfully enforced due to the lack of voluntary and informed consent. To prevent unlawful mass data sharing and to put an end to unlawful consent pressure on millions of people, a formal administrative procedure has now been initiated to protect data subjects.”

The goal is to decide before May 15, the date when users have to accept the new privacy policy or (presumably) stop using WhatsApp. The order may only apply to German residents, but it can still be hoped that the proceedings will precede other countries and regulators.

Earlier, Turkey had launched a similar investigation into WhatsApp and owner Facebook over the controversial new terms and privacy policy that force users to agree to share their data, including phone numbers and location, if they wish to continue using the app.

Source: Android Police

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