This is how you can delete your Yahoo account

Yahoo has been in news for some weeks for really bad reasons. As a result of the data breach...

Oct 5 ·>

Yahoo says all 3 Billion accounts were hacked

Initially, 1 Billion accounts were estimated to have been affected by a hack on Yahoo in 2013. Now after...

Oct 4 ·>

Verizon to rebrand AOL & Yahoo as “Oath”

Verizon’s mass media company “AOL” and its newly acquired company “Yahoo” will be merged under a new brand name...

Apr 4 ·>
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Top lawyer resigns and CEO leaves annual bonus as 32 million Yahoo accounts hacked

The most senior lawyer at Yahoo resigned following a report which found that the company didn’t look into the...

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Mar 2 ·>

One billion Yahoo users affected in the World’s largest hack

Yahoo has admitted that as much as a billion users could have been hacked off there important credentials in...

Dec 15 ·>

Yahoo disables automatic email forwarding to make it difficult for users to leave platform

Yahoo has reportedly disabled automatic email forwarding and even account deletion for customers looking to leave the platform. This...

Oct 11 ·>

Report: Verizon acquiring Yahoo for $4.8 billion

Verizon Communications Inc., a US based telecommunications company, has finalized the deal for acquiring Yahoo for USD 4.8 billion....

Jul 25 ·>

Legendary 18-year-old Yahoo Messenger to shut down on August 5, 2016

Yahoo has signaled the closure of the legacy Yahoo Messenger through their blog post stating that the legendary messenger...

Jun 11 ·>

Yahoo Web could soon belong to Google

The tech industry is currently abuzz with an on-going bidding battle on Yahoo’s Web business. Verizon Communications Inc. have...

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Weekly round-up of Tech News

Here is a weekly round up of all the latest tech news from round the world for our readers....

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