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Weekly round-up of Tech News

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Here is a weekly round up of all the latest tech news from round the world for our readers.

Blackberry Messenger- Tech News

Blackberry Messenger coming to Android, iOS this Summer

Well, RIM has officially announced that an Android and IOS version of Blackberry messenger will be released this summer. This is a good news for all those who only prefer Blackberry devices because of their quick messaging service. RIM is the pioneer in smartphone messaging service, we have a lot of text messaging app choices these days all due to RIM.

RIM first came up with a simple and quick service to send message with received and read notifications and following this service. The other app developers have taken cue and developed their messaging apps. I believe its a good move by RIM, given that their devices aren’t really doing good because of lack of innovation and too late entrance in the touch screen smartphone market. So, offering their exclusive BBM to other Mobile OS would do good to RIM.

Source: (RIM)

Tumblr Yahoo -Tech News

Yahoo has bought Tumblr

Yes, you might have already heard Yahoo has closed the acquisition deal with Tumblr for 1.1 Billion Dollar. Ever since Marissa has taken over Yahoo as CEO, every now and then, we are hearing about Yahoo acquiring very cool products. For all those who don’t know about Tumblr – its a micro-blogging platform for all those people who blog as a hobby but don’t want to monetize it.

Well, seems like Yahoo wants to stay relevant that’s why they are buying every new cool kid in town. Rumors has it that Yahoo is planning to acquire Hulu service too. Let’s see what comes out of it.

Source: (Yahoo)

Cyanogenmod-Tech News

Popular aftermarket Android firmware CyanogenMod hits 1 million users

If you are using Rooted Android Phone, I am sure you must have heard about CyanogenMod. Well the good news is it has hit one million users mark. For all those who don’t know what cyanogenmod is. Well, CyanogenMod is firmware for Smartphones and Tablets based on Pure Android OS. So, for example if you have HTC Phone that is skinned by HTC Sense, you can taste pure android by rooting your device and installing CyanogenMod on it. Likewise, the same applies on smartphones by other vendors.

Source: (The Next Web)

Google Buzz - Tech News

Google finally buzzing off Google Buzz

In October 2011, Google announced that it will be shutting down the Google Buzz. Now the time has finally arrived, Yesterday I got an email by Google that they are finally shutting down the service on 17 July 2013.
Google will store all of your Buzz data to Google Drive – their cloud service. There are other details too regarding this shutting down, that you can see in your inbox. Of course If you are a gmail user 🙂

Source: (Fatima Rizwan)

Apple iWatch - Tech News

Apple’s iWatch May Ship Late Next Year

The Rumors about Apple’s iWatch are surfacing again and this time they suggest that Apple’s iWatch would be brought on shelves next year last quarter may be. We recently did post a lot of iWatch concepts, what I think is that the iWatch will be an iterated version of the iPod nano. What do you think about it?

Source: (iWatch Concepts)

HTC One-Tech News

HTC One With Official Stock Android ROM Reportedly In The Works

One of the biggest news during the Google’s I/O event this year was that a variant of the flagship Galaxy S4 would be available very soon with Stock Android, by passing all of the extra software bundles and the lousy Touchwiz skin all the Samsung Phones have.
Now the Rumor has it that the HTC one variant will be launched soon that would also have the stock Android.

What do you think about it ? Are you gonna buy such Phone ?

Source: (RedmondPie)

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