Huawei has an alternative for Android, if things go sideways with the US

Huawei Technologies, which is the largest smartphone vendor in China says that it has developed its own operating system...

Mar 15 ·>

US army bans Huawei and ZTE phones

The US Pentagon is ordering retail outlets on the US military bases to stop selling Huawei and ZTE phones....

May 5 ·>

ZTE no longer serving Pakistani Telecom companies following US ban

ZTE – the well-known Chinese company operating in carrier networks, terminals, and telecom internationally – had been serving all...

Apr 26 ·>

Huawei says goodbye to America

Sources are coming in that Huawei is giving up the fight to get its production lines and suppliers in...

Apr 18 ·>

World’s first smartphone with 2 notches officially launched

ZTE Iceberg is the first smartphone in the world to have two display notches, ZTE was thinking “two is...

Apr 10 ·>

This $80 phone features Android Go and 8 GB storage

Google introduced its Android Oreo GO edition for entry-level smartphones back in December last year. And now ZTE, a...

Apr 2 ·>