ZTE no longer serving Pakistani Telecom companies following US ban

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ZTE – the well-known Chinese company operating in carrier networks, terminals, and telecom internationally – had been serving all the major Pakistani telecom providers, namely Telenor, Jazz, Zong, and PTCL. However, the situation has now changed following the US ban on ZTE. The company has faced a huge setback and is now seemingly ceasing to operate in various markets that include Pakistan as well.

As reportedly, Pakistani telcos have affirmed that ZTE is no longer providing services to them and are unknown about when they would get a clear statement from ZTE for the future contracts. Currently, Pakistani telecom providers are on their own for the services that were being provided by China’s largest telecom equipment manufacturer, ZTE.

As now in Pakistan, most of the network management work is now either being outsourced to the third-parties or is being handed over to the in-house teams, there has indeed emerged an overall disruption and for that, the companies would have to ensure that no customer is affected in the process.

Coming to the root cause of this issue, the US seven-year ban, imposed on ZTE for reselling the US made equipment to Iran. Not just ZTE exports were banned but other US suppliers were also banned to sell their equipment to ZTE. What added the fuel to the fire was the $1 billion fine on the company along with the bans. The case was settled but ZTE allegedly never punished the violators which it was supposed to and consequently, the bans were reimposed. After that, ZTE’s operations started falling.

While ZTE’s existence is already at the stake, the company has intended to bargain with the US and to resolve the whole issue, which would further take three to five months. All in all, ZTE being in a pretty bad shape, Pakistani telecom providers as aforementioned would have to manage on their own for the gone services if they don’t want any issues with their customers.

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Written by Talha Saqib
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