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Telegram hits 200 million users

Written by Shehryar Ahmed ·  58 sec read >

This is the 21st century, often dubbed as the “Era of Technology”. The concept of talking face to face has pretty much evaporated, thanks to the countless alternatives available in the market. The increasing influx of messaging applications has pretty much eliminated the need to converse on call and face to face.

One of these messaging applications, Telegram, has hit a significant milestone of 200 million active monthly users. Telegram started out in 2013 as a venture founded by Russian entrepreneur, Mr. Pavel Durov. Their client apps are available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Linux and PC. The apps enable users to send messages, images and videos among a bunch of other things.

Telegram has recognized its commitment to user privacy and support of open APIs as the primary reasons behind the accomplishment of this milestone. Telegram’s users enjoy end-to-end encryption on voice calls along with optionally encrypted chats. The CEO and founder, Pavel Durov has been battling Russian courts to maintain user privacy in face of the Russian government pressuring Telegram to hand over conversation encryption keys.

The app’s latest update, version 4.8.5, has brought two features. The first one is the ability to send stickers, both manually and through automatic system recommendations. The second feature is the ability to send photos and videos along with messages.

In other news, the famous image sharing app, Instagram, has now re-added the ability to see new posts first in the feed. This feature was altered through an update in 2016, which received a lot of backlashes. Now that update has been revoked, meaning users will be able to see new posts whenever they open the app.

Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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