Instagram users can now control their feeds to see newer posts first

Written by Asra Rizwan ·  56 sec read >

Instagram is configuring its feed algorithm to show newest posts at the top. A ‘New Posts’ button is also being added that will allow the user to take control of when to refresh the feed than it refreshing automatically.

In 2016, Instagram updated its feed algorithm to show users the posts Instagram thought they will prefer to see at the top of their feeds. The change was extremely frustrating for the users and received severe backlash as they could no longer see posts in reverse chronological order. However, Instagram has backtracked and announced that they will rework their feed algorithm to show newer posts at the top of the feeds. The posts will still be sorted by the algorithm, however, priority will be given to newer posts. Also, with the addition of the new button, users will be able to refresh feeds when they are ready to see the latest posts.

However, Instagram has not defined a timeline for the update and testing phase of the new feed algorithm or the specifications of the account that will be getting the new button. Currently, when you move from Instagram to another app or close it, you lose your spot in the feed and get transferred to the top. It is yet to be seen if the new button will save your spot in the feed.

Late last year, Instagram has hit over 800 million monthly active users. Moreover, Instagram Stories now have double the users of Snapchat. Improving the user experience, the changes announced will give more independence to the users to sort their feed according to their preferences.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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