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Telenor Finalizes 25 Innovators For Telenor Youth Forum

Written by Rehan Ahmed ·  1 min read >
Telenor Youth Forum

After a strict selection process that went on for over two months, Telenor has finalized the list of the 25 young innovators that would be attending the Telenor Youth Forum 2015.

Telenor Youth Forum, previously known as “Telenor Youth Summit”, is a forum to encourage and empower entrepreneurs and the youth to bring forward innovative new ideas to directly tackle the problems we face today.

In this event, the Telenor group selects 2 people from each of the 13 countries where Telenor (including Pakistan) it operates in, and brings them together for the final Youth Forum event in Norway, in December. Since the Nobel Peace prize ceremony is also held around the same time period, the people at Telenor also give the candidates the opportunity to attend that prestigious event as a part of their Youth Forum.

Back in July, we covered an article about how to apply for Telenor Youth Forum and after a rigorous process of selection in which an international selection panel consisting of representatives from civil society, academia and Telenor top management plundered through more than 2000 applicants, Telenor has finally unveiled the list of the 25 lucky people who would be making it to the event next month. You can visit the list by going to this link.

The two delegates to be selected from Pakistan are Fatima Rizwan and Haroon Yasin. Fatima, one of the 14 women selected for the Forum, is a passionate entrepreneur and in fact, also the founding force behind this very publication, TechJuice. She still works as the editor of TechJuice along with an ambitious young team of reporters across the country to bring recognition to Pakistan’s new-born tech industry.

Haroon Yasin, the second Pakistani to be selected for the program, is another entrepreneur and started a free school in one of the slum villages in Islamabad four years ago. Now, Haroon is working to develop a Virtual Education Program (VEP), which uses a video based curriculum to formally educate out of school street children.

All the 25 delegates are now expected to meet at Oslo, Norway on the 7th of December to kick off the Telenor Youth Forum 2015.

Written by Rehan Ahmed
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