Now you can play Tennis against Serena Williams on Snapchat

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July 4, 2018
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Snapchat now lets you play Tennis with your favourite legend Serena William on the Snapchat lens.

Snapchat and Williams have collaborated on a new interactive 3D Bitmoji Lens that lets you take on the tennis star in a fast-paced match. The virtual tennis game lets you play against Serena Williams’ Bitmoji. It means you can take on an animated version of Williams on the social media platform. To be honest, you cannot beat the star but you can definitely beat the score of your friends. As the Tennis star, herself says: “It’s so fun because how often do you get to play against me?”

To play a match with Williams, users need to do is press down on the screen until Snapchat’s lenses appear on either side of the camera button and then swipe right to navigate to the game. The game will show you a green tennis ball icon with an “S” on it, so it should not be too difficult to find.

According to Digiday reporter Kerry Flynn who took to Twitter, the game is technically a “partnership,” rather an ad or a paid promotion. Williams who is very active on Snapchat just wanted her followers to enjoy the AR based game and this was not Wimbledon trying to make a buck by having her Bitmoji for the game.

Wimbledon posted a Tweet:

This shows how Snapchat is attempting to differentiate itself from Instagram and Facebook, through its AR offerings and users who have stopped using Snapchat will probably get back on it.

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