The Google Developers Group DevFest 2016 is happening in Karachi!

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Google Developers Group (GDG) is organizing a developer festival in Karachi to load the youth with latest technology developments in web and mobile technologies.

In Pakistan, where talent is so rich, all efforts to channel the prowess of the youth will always reap good results. In twenty-first century, when the IT has almost taken over this world in every field and Millennials are actively pursuing it, productive sessions and events to increase their efficiency are direly needed.

Google Developers Groups are Google sponsored communities of techies and coders who work together to promote learning and development in the said field, through events like GDG DevFest. GDG

GDG has 500+ chapters, which organize different events to promote learning in IT. GDG Karachi is one such chapter and the DevFest is their one such effort. Up till now, there have been four GDG DevFests in Karachi. The fifth of the series, the GDG DevFest Karachi 2016, will be conducted on the 18th and 19th of November in the Iqra University Main Campus Karachi.

GDG DevFest Karachi 2016 will focus on imparting awareness on some of the Google’s latest technologies. Basically, the conference will work on enabling the participants to apply these technologies in their respective projects. The event will also provide essential networking and promote sharing of knowledge among the tech community for the greater mutual good. GDG Karachi

The two-day conference will have general sessions on the Google Cloud Platforms along with the specific paths. The Web path, Android path and the Geek Starter Pack would be the few among other attractions. The intense coders would be getting as much as a Quality Assurance executive would. Doesn’t matter if you are a User Experience Designer, or a Project Manager, DevFest Karachi 2016 will have something to offer to everybody. All in all, the festival invites the people passionate to learn new technologies from across Pakistan to come together, learn and network for free.

Eric Bhatti the event collaborator for GDG DevFest Karachi 2016 believes that he and his team can pull this great feat off, he said,

“The Pakistani community is tending more to be a consumers’ society, it is about time that we turn our populous more into the producers’ domain. Only that if we look up to promote spreading knowledge, we can bring a lot good achievements to this soil.”

You can register for the event here and find more information here.

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