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The Wedding Planit: A startup, changing the way you plan your weddings

Maryam Dodhy Written by Maryam Dodhy · 2 min read>

Have you ever had to plan a wedding? Then you must be fully aware of the amount of stress that comes with it. The Wedding Planit is an interesting startup which is here to provide you wedding planning solutions and make your journey a breeze. The startup, incubated at P@SHA’s tech incubator The Nest I/O, was officially launched in Karachi on July 25th.

Weddings in Pakistan are a huge deal. People spend millions of rupees so that the final event is up to their standards, while also unwillingly coming under a lot of stress. All those who have experienced weddings from up close will know that despite the fact that everyone is happy their is a constant tension lurking around the house. Girls along with the Ammi’s are constantly nagging the darzi while the men of the house have bigger worries like getting the venue prepared and making sure the food is excellent.

TechJuice reached out to The Wedding Planit and here’s what Sharjeel Ahmad, Captain Planit & Founder of The Wedding Planit had to say:

“The Wedding Planit is not your regular event management company. We are here to make the whole wedding process easy for the Pakistani people. We all love desi weddings but we dread the stress that comes while planning these weddings. Our mission is to introduce a smarter way to plan weddings in Pakistan to help couples and their families save time, money and a lot of frowns. We talked with a lot of people who had gone through the grind of wedding planning and got some important insights from them. While planning people undergo a lot of tension at the hands of the vendors who dodge their customers and giver different rates to different people. On our website are listed the different rates that these vendors provide, people can check them and choose one that suits them, so that they don’t go over-budget.”

The Wedding Planit claim to be Pakistan’s first online solution for wedding services with an aim to make it the happy zone on the Internet. So far they have served a handful of customers in Karachi and they plan on expanding to Lahore and Islamabad soon. Their website really is a one stop for you to find all wedding solutions that you seek. They’ll help you find Venues, Decor, Caterers, Salons and Photographers. The best part is that you can find all these services under your budget.

The Wedding Planit is tapping into market that has a lot of potential and one that will probably never go out of business in Pakistan. It may take this startup a little while to take off but once people get familiar with it, this business is a gold mine. Expenditure on weddings easily squeeze out millions of rupees from your pocket. The best part about The Wedding Planit is that the vendors and brands featured on their website do not have a fixed rate. They allows people to compare the rates of different vendors and get services according to their budget. This feature will definitely go well with the people. They already have some vendors and brands on board with them which is a good thing. The more familiar brands they get associated with their startup, the better. We wish the team best of luck with their future ventures!

To find out more information, visit The Wedding Planit website!

Written by Maryam Dodhy
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