There is a hidden one-handed keyboard in the latest iOS version

Avatar Written by Basit Anwar ·  1 min read >

With the evolution of smartphones, we have seen screens of smartphones getting bigger as well. Apple’s iPhones are no different, the Plus versions are really big in size and can not be managed single-handedly. The latest iOS version comes up with a feature to make iPhones more user-friendly and compatible.

The latest iOS version has a small compact keyboard hidden which lets the users enjoy their plus-sized smartphones with a single hand.

One-handed keyboard feature enables the users to shift the on-screen keyboard entirely to the left or right side where they can type more comfortably with a single hand. This software update is now available for the users who are eligible for iOS 11 update. This feature allows the user to easily switch between standard keyboard and one-handed keyboards and also change the default settings.

To enable this feature, one must have added the multiple keyboards in their Settings > General > Keyboards.

Just long press the globe/emoticon icon on the onscreen keyboard. This globe icon is located on the bottom left side of the keyboard.

While holding, three keyboard options will appear showing the left corner keyboard, standard keyboard, and right corner keyboard. You have to select what works better for your situation.

Once it’s selected, there will be a sign of arrow that will allow you to return to the default keyboard settings.

You can make the one-handed keyboard as default keyboard by tapping on Settings app’s > General > Keyboards > onehanded keyboards.

This iOS 11 update is available for all 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch phones.

The one-handed feature is really impressive, as on bigger screens it will allow you to reach to the entire keyboard with one thumb. This will help the users to use their phones one-handedly while doing other work.

Images Source: Mashable