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Thief Sends Email Apologizing For Stealing Man’s Laptop:Twitter Calls Him “Honest Robber”

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

The thief stole my laptop last night and sent me an email using my email address. I have mixed feelings, said the laptop owner.

We have seen many unfortunate incidents in our daily lives. We lost our phones, laptops, and money. Practically, we do cry about our loss of money, but on the other hand, the most challenging phase is the loss of data. Undoubtedly, they are more valuable and hurt us more than the loss of money. We have heard this many times from many people; I wish the thief would have at least returned my credit cards or the sim, which has my data.

Zweli_Thixo, a Twitter user, revealed an email that he had received from a thief who had stolen the laptop containing his research proposals. In an email, the thief apologized for his act and stated that “they have been struggling to make ends meet.” However, the thief also asked the man to send back all his important files if the laptop owner needed them.

Zweli_Thixo shared the screenshot along with the caption, “Thief stole my laptop last night and sent me an email using my email address. I have mixed emotions now”. The email sent by the thief says, “Bro-Howzit, I stole your laptop last night. I needed the money as I have been struggling to make ends meet. I came to know that you are busy with your research work. Therefore, I am sending you the important files, and if there are any other files you need, please alert me before Monday noon since I have found a customer. The email contains the subject line “Sorry For the Laptop.”

Sorry For the Laptop

After getting the message and reading an email, the internet user expressed sympathy for the person who stole the laptop. “Why not make him the same offer as the supposed buyer he found.” Another user wrote, “anyone who can find a job for the person, please help”.  The man went through the laptop, found a research proposal, and recognized the time and effort he went into it. “I would hire him if I had the means.”

So, everyone will get to know that the thief is in dire need of money. Without losing his morals and or being a “bad person.”I believe its lovely that he is trying to minimize the loss. Hopefully, people realize what capitalism is doing to us, the another person commented.

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