This app is a solution to your smartphone addiction

Written by Aqsa Khunshan ·  1 min read >

The app Siempo can kill your smartphone addiction by minimizing distractions and prioritizing notifications that appear on your home screen.

More or less, we all are addicted to smartphones and curbing smartphone addiction is not something easy to do. Currently available for Android, an app Siempo can curb your smartphone addiction by customizing the home screen of your smartphone into a Black and White interface. The app comes with numerous features that help you keep away from your smartphone and minimize the time you spend using it. The Black and White home screen design is free from colorful logs, distracting icons and badges that push you to spend more time on your smartphone.

One of the best features of this app is “Batching Notifications” which let you personalize your notification setting and set the schedule when you want them to pop up on your screen. This will stop the unnecessary interruptions everytime you get a new notification. Moreover, by installing Siempo different time wasting apps are randomized which makes them hard to find and you won’t spontaneously open them. Another feature to minimize your distraction is you can lock your screen so whenever you will try to open it, a notification “Stay off your phone” will appear.

Andrew Dunn, the CEO of the app said:

“Users have reported that merely the act of identifying which apps they want to use less creates a huge shift in their relationship with that app. We aim to be a good, trusted, impactful tech company that is on the user’s side, respecting their wellbeing and privacy.”

However, if you cannot commit to the idea of the minimalist home screen by setting its White and Black interface, you can also switch it to greyscale which is slightly less distracting. The app is currently available on Google Play store in its beta version which is free but the company has a plan to charge for it in the future. The company is also trying to collaborate with different smartphone brands to make Siempo their default interface.

Written by Aqsa Khunshan
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