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Google Play Store will now feature seven new subcategories for organizing apps

Written by Saad Mughal ·  57 sec read >
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Google is expanding the list of app categories that its Play Store has to offer. This is done in order to sort apps in a more specific manner so that users can find relevant apps easily. The new list of categories that will be added to the Play Store include: Art and Design, Dating, Events, Food and Drink, Auto and Vehicles, House and Home, and Parenting.

Though this does not mean that the number of apps in the Google Play Store will increase significantly, it will allow users to navigate to the subcategory of apps that they are looking for. Earlier this year, Google also added a Virtual Reality (VR) category for apps in the Play Store as well.

Currently, these new list of categories are not available to the users but to the developers only. Android devs can now categorize their apps within these new subcategories to be more specific about what their app does. Apart from the new additions, Google has also changed names of ‘Media & Video’ to ‘Video Players and Editors’ and ‘Transportation’ to ‘Maps and Navigation’ to avoid repetition.

Just recently, Google updated the Play Store to show actual app and update sizes so that the users are aware of how much memory a particular app will take up. So, Google is now making it easier to look for apps that you want to download. The added categories will allow users to browse through the ‘type’ of app you are looking for to make the search easier. It is expected that these changes will be put into effect within the next 2 months.

Written by Saad Mughal
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