This game from Pakistani developers can help you win cash prizes

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Full brick Studios, a new app development company based in Pakistan, has released its first game called AdBreak. This game can help you win cash prizes, mobile top-up, bitcoins and many other items, provided you make it to the leaderboard.

How does the game work?

Well if the cash prizes and other stuff is enough to catch your fancy, here’s how you can win in this game. The actual gameplay is pretty simple. After logging in by using your Facebook ID or email address, all you have to do is to bounce the freely falling cannons onto some bricks (or are they smiley faces?) and make sure that the cannon does not fall off the bottom of the screen.

Prizes, prizes everywhere…

Although the gameplay is pretty interesting by itself, the game really shines when it comes to its reward system. In addition to simple points that you get by breaking each brick, your top score for the day also gets compared to other players on a leaderboard. And this is where things get interesting. In addition to virtual reward points, players on the leader board will get some actual prizes. In the words of developers themselves:

“Top 3 winners will get a cash prize (1000, 750 and 500 PKR) and next 7 winners will get 100 PKR as mobile top-ups. Not only that, there will be random gifts provided to different players based on various criteria such as longest gameplay, frequent gameplays, 10th players or even all Hira’s and Ali’s who played the game on a given day. We choose the criteria for these random gifts ourselves and it will vary every day (hence called random gifts, DUH!)”

As the game has only just launched, there are fewer players and thus the prizes currently being offered are not that attractive. Developers behind the game do plan to introduce prizes like mobile phones, bikes etc. once the game gains some traction. But fewer players also mean there is a greater chance to win at the moment. It appears that I am also on track to win a mobile recharge of PKR 100 if everything remains same for the next few hours (fingers crossed).

The leader board also gets resets every day so new players have an equal chance to win.


Adbreak is currently available on both Android and iOS devices. You can download it for free right now from Play Store or Apple Appstore.

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