This GPT-3 powered ideas generator may help you find your next big venture dream

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GPT-3 has been making waves recently for changing the way conventional NLP programs used to work. Day by day, we see a number of products being made using GPT-3 which was released recently by OpenAI. And the programs are on a completely different level to what we have previously been used to. Simple queries sent to the programs can generate meaningful and accurate results.

One product in particular that we will be discussing today is IdeasAI which is powered by GPT-3 and can generate startup ideas for your new product. The website has a clean and simple interface and can generate ideas based upon your preference. Around 70 to 100 ideas are generated per hour and if you want, you can even claim an idea for $99 and it will be removed from the website’s database.

Some of the startup ideas generated from the website are given below:

  1. AI-based chatbot that helps you with your fitness goals. The bot offers customized workouts based on your goals, goals, and history.
  2. Tool to help you build an A/B test without having to code anything.
  3. Tool for assessing the value of real estate assets like buildings, parking lots, and more.
  4. Make it easier for employees to access corporate benefits like insurance, vacation, and retirement plan.
  5. Startup that’s helping power outages by letting people share their homes’ energy usage with others and get compensated for it.

Check out IdeasAI if you are looking for a startup idea!

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