This leaked render could be the purple variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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At this point, much has been known about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9. From the S Pen’s Bluetooth feature to the first official look of the model, there has been many leaks and reports around. In fact, there is a leaked unboxing video of the phone going viral. We have also heard that Note 9 will reportedly have five color variants, namely Black, Gray, Purple, Blue, and Brown. Speaking of which, recently a NieuweMobiel.NL report has showcased a render that is being assumed as the Lilac Purple color of the upcoming flagship.

Not to mention, the Lilac Purple variant is now not unknown to Samsung Galaxy series as such, a few months back, the South Korean giant released the Galaxy S9/S9+ having the same purple color. Furthermore, since these variants performed well in the market, so it seems likely for the company to bring more models with this shade.

Also, the apparent date on the home screen of the render complies with the expected launch date of the phablet – August 24.

For more insight, Shehryar has discussed the possible specs of the device that go like:

“The Note 9 has a 6.3-inch Quad HD+ super AMOLED display, which is squared down to 6.2-inch if you discard the curved edges. The phone’s back is confirmed to have a horizontal island housing a dual-lens camera setup and a flash. Below the camera comes the fingerprint sensor, thus confirming rumors that the Note 9’s fingerprint sensor will be placed below the camera setup.”

“The back camera setup boasts two lenses with a resolution of 12 MP each.”

“The front camera has an 8 MP lens with autofocus support.”

“The Note 9 is IP68 certified, meaning that it can withhold its life underwater for more than 30 minutes.”

“In the performance realm, the Note 9 has 6 GB RAM and in this particular variant (considering the box has a T-Mobile sticker), a Snapdragon 845 chipset is likely to be used.”

However, it is important to note that no color variant has been officially confirmed by Samsung and that the firm has yet to unveil the actual colors of the Galaxy Note 9 which will reportedly be done on August 9 in New York City.

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Written by Talha Saqib
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