Galaxy Note 9 has a 3.5mm headphone jack, leak reveals

Written by Shehryar Ahmed ·  1 min read >

Renowned leaker IceUniverse has tweeted an image of a flyer that shows the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 with a headphone jack. The leaked flyer confirms almost all of the rumors flying around. The Note 9’s horizontal dual camera setup will be flanked by the fingerprint sensor, which can increase the chances of the camera lens getting smudged up whenever a user tries to access their phone through the fingerprint sensor.

The image shows the Note 9 in a blue-ish shade, meaning that previous news about the Note 9 coming in 5 colors might actually be true. A type-C USB port is shown as well, which cements the talks about the Note 9 having a Micro USB port. Most importantly, the Note 9 is shown to have a headphone jack as well, which means that Samsung is well-stuck on its policy of going against trends.

Just have a look at Apple; it’s been 2 years since they ditched the headphone jack and despite that their products are selling well and consequently their revenues are surging through the sky. Anyhow, Apple’s success can be accredited to the high social acceptance factor associated with their smartphones as well, so I don’t think Samsung is to blame here.

The leaked photo showcases a single speaker right beside the S-pen’s dock. This is quite a shock considering the stereo speaker setup on the Galaxy S9 since continuing features liked by consumers should be a no-brainer for the Korean giant. The display of the phone is seen with the usual Samsung curves.

Another major thing is the Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen. This time around, the S-Pen has been fairly hyped up in media outlets around the world. Special emphasis had been placed on the S-Pen having Bluetooth connectivity and whatnot. To much dismay, however, the S Pen can be seen having the usual tip which was present in previous models of the Note series. This tip is said to be used to extract power from the phone’s display while using it, so the idea of a Bluetooth connection is mostly just pointless.

What do you think, will the Note 9 be “The New Super Powerful Note”, as the box claims it to be or is it just another Note 8 with mini upgrades? Would you be okay splashing over more than $1000 for the Note 9 knowing that there are only minor differences between it and its predecessor?

Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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