This map for the most Googled product in every country shows what Pakistanis search for

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Ever wondered what is the product your fellow Pakistanis search for? Well, a crazy new map charts the most Googled-product for every country., a cost-estimating website, decided to find out what product, and how much it costs, people across the globe were searching for using Google. Then they placed it all on a map, replacing the country names with the name of the products.

In Pakistan, the most Googled product is “Wedding”.

Below, we have attached the map of Asia to get a closer look at Pakistan. Do keep in mind that these search results are found using the formula “How much does * cost in [x country].” so they may not be an accurate case study in what most people in the country want. Moreover, the search suggestions in Google are influenced by certain metrics like previous search history, time of search and place of search.

Asia 1

The map also provides an interesting look at search trends (as well as popular stereotypes) around the globe. The most interesting one, however, is Russia, where people seem to be looking for the cost of an MIG aircraft flight. On the other hand, the wartorn country of Syria is only searching for the cost of a “Loaf of bread”.

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