Apple reportedly working on its own search engine

Could Apple be trying to give Google a run for its money? If recent reports coming in from website...

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Aug 29 · >

Facebook shuts down searching people by phone number and email

Facebook has been going through a quite tough time due to the whole Cambridge Analytica case. Since then, the...

Apr 5 · >

Google to launch data-friendly version of its search app for mobile

Tech company Google is reportedly working on a data-friendly version of its search app for mobile, which it will...

Aug 17 · >

Google might kill URLs in mobile search

Google is reportedly working on a new system that will eventually kill URLs in mobile search. The company hasn’t...

Aug 4 · >

Google is now highlighting pirate sites along legitimate sites in search result

Google is trying to downgrade pirate site from its platform for quite some time. The company is updating its...

Jul 11 · >

This map for the most Googled product in every country shows what Pakistanis search for

Ever wondered what is the product your fellow Pakistanis search for? Well, a crazy new map charts the most...

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Jul 29 · >

Facebook Ignites its Search Bar with New Option of “Universal Search”!

If you think Facebook’s search isn’t up to mark as it should be considering all the data it has...

Oct 25 · >