This new Mozilla FireFox update will stop hackers from secretly mining cryptocurrency

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This could finally resolve the crypto-jacking problem (to an extent) faced by internet users around the globe.

You are right to fear the hackers, secretly mining cryptocurrencies with your computing resources. For the uninitiated, illegal crypto-mining comprise of internet baddies who harness your machine to secretly mine cryptocurrency — a process that enhances CPU activity and drains power.

At a time when every high-profile data breach sheds more light on how web activity is monitored, Mozilla Firefox has launched an anti-tracking tool to protect against crypto-mining. The latest Firefox update blocks the cryptocurrency scripts running behind-the-scenes on websites. As of now, the users of Firefox‘ Nightly and Beta browsers are equipped with the option to automatically block crypto-jacking scripts. According to the company’s announcement,

“In collaboration with Disconnect, we have compiled lists of domains that serve fingerprinting and crypto-mining scripts. Now in the latest Firefox Nightly and Beta versions, we give users the option to block both kinds of scripts as part of our Content Blocking suite of protections.”

Moreover, the new update also comes along fingerprinting protection. The term refers to the data-driven identification based on your browser settings information. This data can be used to identify you and track your activity across the web even if you clear your cookies. Firefox Nightly users will now be able to turn on the anti-tracking methods via “preferences” in the Firefox main menu.

Here’s how to enable the protection:

  • Click the Firefox main menu
  • Choose “Preferences”
  • Click the “Privacy and Security” tab
  • Under “Content Blocking,” click “Custom”
  • Finally, check “Cryptominers” and “Fingerprinters,” blocking both
Written by Sajeel Syed
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