This woman was caught smuggling over 100 iPhones into the country

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Smartphones smuggling and getting caught in the process is not a new phenomenon. This time too, a woman has been caught by Shenzhen customs officials as she tried to smuggle 102 iPhones from Hong Kong to mainland-China.

According to Kotaku, an online news agency, “Customs officials stopped a woman after noticing that the way her body bulged appeared strange. The officials searched her, discovering she was allegedly smuggling 102 iPhones of various models as well as 15 luxury wrist watches”.

This is not the first time that someone tried to smuggle iPhones from Hong Kong to mainland China. Previously, a man was caught by officials as he tried to smuggle 146 iPhones.

The items woman was trying to smuggle weigh around 44 pounds. However, officials have not yet disclosed any information regarding how much the confiscated items worth.

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The main reason why people try to smuggle iPhone from Hong Kong to mainland China is because the phone is cheaper in Hong Kong and if one becomes successful in smuggling the iPhones he/she can sell it at a higher price.

Smuggling of phones is not only limited to Hong Kong or China. In Pakistan, similar types of cases have occurred where an individual tried to smuggle phones from the country or into the country. Recently a man was arrested at Quaid-e-Azam International Airport by Pakistan Customs staff for trying to smuggle Rs. 1.9 million worth of smartphones into the country. The smartphone which he was trying to smuggle included high-end brands such as Samsung, Apple, and LG.

Moreover, at the beginning of the preceding year, a man was caught at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, while trying to smuggle 105 smartphones into the country.