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TikTok is Now Adding a Bunch of New DM Options in its Application

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  53 sec read >
TikTok DM features
The new DM options comes in as a way of increasing conversations on the application, which in-turn allows TikTok to compete with other social apps

TikTok, the world’s biggest short-form video hosting service just announced that their Android and iOS applications will soon get a large number of new DM (direct messaging) options, which also includes the ability to let any user message another.

Allowing an increased amount of conversations on the platform, these new DM features will boost the time people spend on TikTok. It will also allow TikTok to compete with applications that already have this feature, for eg: Instagram and Snapchat.

Just around yesterday, TikTok was reportedly sending emails to users and informing them about the release of new DM features.

While almost all other social applications have private messaging as a key feature, TikTok however never really focused towards that side up until now. This can potentially increase the amount of time people spend on TikTok and also make the app a lot more interactive.

Though the short-form video content was a major pushback for Meta owned Instagram, these new TikTok DM features will only increase pressure and tension between the two.

TikTok users that want to adjust this feature can simply go to their settings, jump over to privacy and manually select the people that can send them messages. This can be from a list of suggested friends, mutual friends, and anyone.


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