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Coca-Cola Might Soon Launch its Own Phone

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Cola Phone
Named as the Cola Phone, the device is rumored to be built in partnership with an established mobile brand

After being one of the world’s favorite drinks for over 130 years, Coca-Cola is rumored to have a surprise move under its sleeve. Rumors are that the soft drink conglomerate is reportedly launching its own phone.

While details of this mysterious Coca-Cola phone are not released yet, it is suggested that the phone is named as the ‘Cola Phone’ and is being manufactured in partnership with an established mobile phone brand, which is also unknown up until now.

The ‘Cola Phone’ claim is further strengthened by leaked images of the phone. Making rounds on social media, the images show a phone with a sleek build and a classic red and white Coca-Cola logo on its back.

Containing two different cameras at the back, the phone will likely feature an Android operating system and can be focused towards photography.

A Twitter account that goes by the name of ‘Colaphone Global’ has also popped up and has followed the Twitter accounts of many other established mobile phone brands, which is a serious indicator of the fact that the phone might be built in partnership with one of them.

According to most rumors, the Cola Phone will be a remake of the Realme 10 series, which is a mobile phone series that performed exceptionally for Realme.

Users and especially Coca-Cola lovers from all over the world are excited about this new Cola-phone and want to try it out. The phone is rumored to first release in India and then go on to be released in other markets as well.


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