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Today we are announcing StartupJuice

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Till now, TechJuice has written about Pakistani entrepreneurs, both budding and established, and highlighted their success stories; we have endeavored to support events and activities that encourage startups.

Making relevant information readily available is the first step in bringing the community together and fostering a vibrant startup ecosystem. However, there is a need for more. Letting the public know about the facts and stories behind local startups is useful but there is more to a startup. We want the world to know who the people behind a startup are, what they are doing and their reasons for doing it. We want to probe further and learn what their vision is, what their hopes are and what drives them forward. In doing so we hope to establish a true image of a startup and more importantly, build a collection of stories that others can relate to and draw inspiration from.

Our next step is StartupJuice, one of its kind website, the single go-to place for information about Pakistani startups. Stay up-to-date with the industry and its leaders, know which startups are funded, who are looking for funding and why, with StartupJuice everything is just a click away.

Currently we are releasing the alpha and highly basic version of StartupJuice, with limited information, just like we did with TechJuice. We will continue to work hard, add in more information and improve according to your feedback. Do check out the website at StartupJuice.pk

TechJuice Team is truly thankful for your support and we will greatly appreciate your feedback throughout. Please keep it coming.

Written by TechJuice
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