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10 Pakistani startups that can make it big – 2013

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  7 min read >

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Pakistanis are marching ahead in the field of technology and with more ambitious students joining the field every year, the start-ups have significantly increased. True, we took a while to catch up with the international trend of software startups but the good thing is we are here now. With the help of startup incubators like Plan9, the youth are surging towards success. Here are some Pakistani startups that especially caught our attention with their brilliant product ideas.

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1.     Data-Arc Solutions


The first Pakistani startup on our list offers its clients Offshore Programming Services. Covering a wide range of areas including custom web-development and ecommerce solution, this startup offers the new and existing business a chance to make it big, by using the latest technology. Data-Arc solution has worked with some well-known names and has a growing clientele. In the modern world, where we are racing towards a more technological outlook to life, Data-Arc fits right in by offering cost-effective solutions and that too, at an affordable price but that’s not the only reason in the favour of this startup: apart from helping the clients, Data-Arc has released many applications, some of which are very popular with the users.  Whether it is the addictive game Wordness or highly loved application like GMaps for Windows Platform, Data-Arc has shown a remarkable growth which reflects the commitment of the people working in the Data-Arc. In our opinion, Data-Arc can grow to be big by becoming one of the best offshore Development Centres in Pakistan.

Find more about Data-Arc here:

2.     Eyedeus Labs


Groopic by Eyedeus is the digital solution to an old problem: why must the photographer pay the price of not featuring in the photo. Now you can stop thrusting your phones at nearby people when posing for group pictures and Groopic allows the photographer to be in the same picture. It is smart technology, to put it precisely, that makes every day more fun.  Groopic started as an idea at LUMS and went to win the Best-Startup Award. It was incubated by Plan9 and received the attention of BlackBox Connect: a program by Google that aims at Silicon immersion. The team recently got in!

With their app in almost 16 economies and selling well, Eyedeus is a startup to watch out for. They have been getting international attention as the company works on a unique idea: using the tech to change the way people interact with their smartphones. If Eyedeus can keep up the hardwork and come up with great applications, there is no reason why it can’t become a great company. We recently conducted the Interview of Eyedeus Labs CEO Ali Rehan. Check it out here.

Find more about Groopic here:

3.     Technolsys


Technolsys plans to offer a much needed application: a wholesome security plan for all the smartphone users out there. A while back people were sceptical about whether phone users needed to be overly concerned about security but since then a lot has changed, there are potential threats such as misplacing or losing your phone that you need to watch out for. With AllSecure, a Cross-platform app, Technolsys aims to solve the problem for you.

Now, it is interesting to note that Technolsys is entering a market where there are many applications that serve the same purpose. Where does that put AllSecure? We got a chance to get our hands on the beta version of the app on Plan9 Demo and here are the two things we found out:

1)      It is a holistic approach that tries to cover most security areas unlike other applications that may lack in one thing or another.

2)      It uses new technology and some great ideas to solve problems that have been around for a while.

3)      The app has a beautiful interface that is user friendly and very easy to use.

AllSecure is due to launch in the next 9 days. This is a startup that is one of the recent incubates of Plan9 and stood out on the DemoDay. If the users like the app as much as we did, Technolsys could go on to become an excellent Pakistani startup.

Looking forward to AllSecure? Read more about them here:

4.     iTrak

iTrak - Pakistani Startups

The beauty of technology is the fact that it strives to give all kinds of people with the necessary tools to improve their life and get work done. There has been a lot of focus on building applications for people with disabilities and iTrak has a chance to make a great one for those with motor disabilities. This particular Pakistani startup aims high: it intends to launch an eyemouse so that people with limited hand movement can control the mouse and work on computers just like everyone else. While the idea is not a new one, iTrak proposes a dedicated device that allows users greater control. iTrak not only offers the hardware but also plans to have a software to complement the device and make it easier to use. This is a startup that is based on a social idea and aims to help build a better world through technology. iTrak is due to launch their product soon.

Interesting? Get more info here:


KyaSceneHai-Pakistani-Startups is exactly what its name suggests: it is your one-stop go to website to find out the latest happenings in your city. The best part is the web address: it is catchy and very easy to remember. From educational events to competitions to latest festivals are covered on the website. It also allows the users to subscribe to the website using social media as well as mobile numbers so that they never miss out on a good event in their city. stands out because it offers a solution to users: free reminders and news and about the events in their respective cities. It primarily targets the youth but there is no reason why absolutely anybody can’t gain useful information from the site. Event organizers can also get their event featured on the front page of the site and are likely to catch the eye of the visitors.

This particular Pakistani startup is based on a great idea and has a lot of potential for expansion. We are curious how will expand the idea to increase its reach even further.

Want to know more? Just type in your address bar.

6.     Boondh

The availability of clean drinking water is a major problem is Pakistan and many people die because of diseases caused by impure drinking world. Boondh is an initiative to supply these households cleaner drinking water. This social enterprise has a brilliant product: a water purifier that runs on solar energy. It is smart and energy efficient but most of all, it aims to help out people of Pakistan.  This Startup caught our eye because it is dedicated to making a difference and helping improve the life of many people. With a product that is designed to help improve life, Boondh is creating a new audience, one that sees the advantage in investing in new technological products that can help make life better. Such startups are a beacon of hope for the people of Pakistan.

Find out more about Boondh:

7.     Ideacentricity


Another major problem that Pakistan faces is poverty. With a large percentage of people living below the poverty line, there is a need to focus on employment. Low skilled labour which is a product of rural to urban migration forms a big part of this group and Ideacentricity, a social startup has identified key steps that can be used to increase the income. It offers training and matches labour to demand, hoping to increase the output for the workers and give a better pay hence improving their life standards.

Ideacentricity offers the common labourer a chance to increase his earning by enrolling in the program. There are a lot of people who work double shifts to earn more money. Ideacentricity gives them a chance to work for lesser hour and earn more by giving them training and connecting them to the demand. It is a one of its type solution and with no major competition in the market, there is no reason that Ideacentricity can’t grow to become a big Pakistani startup helpful to hundreds of people.

Read more about them here:

8.     Kamata Pakistan


This startup caught our eye because unlike other job portals, it offers the blue collar workers like maids and other household staff to meet potential hirers. It deals with the problem of matching the labour to demand and is a technological alternative to the tedious newspaper ads. It allows you to find a job or find a worker, quickly and easily.

Kamata is a startup that will allow many people out there to save cost and the frustrating employment routine that involves calling people and asking them for interview. Because it offers an easy, quick solution to your demand for labourer or need for job, it saves precious time and quickly connects the labour to demand. True, there are many other job portals operating in Pakistan but as a startup, Kamata Pakistan targets a niche audience and can therefore grow into a successful business.

Looking for work/worker? Go here:

9.     One Step Solutions


One Step Solutions is a startup that brings a revolutionary technology to the automotive industry. With X-Gear, One Step Solutions gives people a chance to completely change the way they control their cars. With real time monitoring of all the gauges in your car through the external control, One Step can completely change the way we see our cars. Cars can become incorporated in the long list of devices that are smarter and therefore more useful.

One Step is bringing a new outlook towards using technology is the market and that is a major step for a startup. This Pakistani Startup is defining innovation and doing the base work for their amazing idea. One Step Solutions can be responsible for smarter cars around the world and can evolve into a force to be reckoned.

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10.     Mystic Charmz

Looking to give your car a new makeover but don’t want anything permanent? Mystic Charmz is your go to place. With creative designers at their disposal, this Pakistani startup offers you a chance to revamp your car with washable jobs that can add to your events. From weddings to parties, Mystic Charmz is the place to take your car if you want it to stand out.

Now that people spending a lot of money on festivals, particularly weddings, Mystic Charmz targets an audience that is willing to pay the cost to make their festivities stand out. Secondly it offers a lot of customization so that users can get their cars decorated in a fashion that appeals to them best. Because they have the target audience in mind, they can create a network to reach the right people and can get integrated well in the business world.

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Bonus     The Chic Fashion Store


The Chic Fashion Store is a recent startup that allows you to get the best accessories delivered right at your doorstep. You can choose from the many varieties and options available and pay on delivery. It is quick, efficient and definitely helpful if you are looking to find a great accessory for yourself or your friend.

The Chic Fashion Store can reach out to the audience through social media and can offer them a hassle free doorstep delivery. Their products are different from the ones available in the market and that factor can stir the audience. Once it develops a loyal clientele on the social media, there is nothing to stop it from becoming the next big online accessories store.

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