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Top 3 free courses which will kick-start your online business

Shaheryar Ehsan Written by Shaheryar Ehsan · 1 min read>

Last time we highlighted the online businesses you can do without leaving your current job. Today we will be exploring the best free online courses which can prepare you to launch your first startup and avoid the mistakes which other founders made.

The courses highlighted below will help you learn from the best and are endorsed by top companies such as Google, HubSpot, Moz, and others. It all starts from scratch, you will learn the foundations of a startup and how you can create your own. Then you will learn from founders of other companies regarding their ventures and how they were successful in their endeavors. Finally, you will go through the basics of executing your first web business as well as getting a certification in the process.

1. How to build a Startup? by Udacity

The main skill you will be learning in this course is experimentation. A key part of making any online business successful is how many experiments you have conducted and the insights you gained from them. It is not necessary that your experiments be successful, you just discovered something that doesn’t work. This course aims to teach you to research for the most effective business model which can make your startup execution successful.

This course is being taught by Steve Blank and Kathleen Mullaney. Steve Blank is an instructor from Stanford whereas Kathleen is the Vice President at Udacity.

2. Entrepreneurship by Khan Academy – Interviews with accomplished founders

This course has a compilation of interviews from 50 accomplished founders who built their companies from scratch. The interviews are typically over 40 minutes and will have different strategies which the founders used to make their businesses successful.

Renowned founders whose interviews are included in this course are Elon Musk CEO of Tesla, Reid Hoffmam from LinkedIn and more.

3. 21 days to building a Web Business by Alison Courses

We have now arrived at the practical work of establishing our online business. Chris Farrell will teach you to develop your own online website from scratch as well as properly choosing the domain name and the correct hosting. Not only will you be learning that but also how you can drive traffic to your website using affiliate and email marketing.

If you have successfully completed the course and scored over 80% in the assessment tests then you can order an Alison Certificate or Diploma. Certifications are extremely important especially for those seeking a career in the technology segment.

Do you have any free courses to recommend which can help in startup creation?

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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