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Top 5 In-Demand Tech Skills to Land You a Job in 2022

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  2 min read >
5 best tech skills to land a job
It’s all about consistency and hard work!

Talking to any experienced person in the tech industry, you would realize that it’s the industry that never settles. Any skill that you learn today might become outdated 20 years later and you will have to learn new skills to stay in competition. While many consider it a drawback, it can prove to be great for people trying to make their way into the tech industry.

With new skills and demand coming up every now and then, there are a bunch of stuff you could learn and sell. To help those trying to take the leap of faith, we have prepared a list of the most demanded skills in 2022.

1. Data Mining

Experts call data to be the gold of the future, well they certainly are right. With time marketing and consumer understanding has shifted from being a wild guessing game to a game of precise numbers. Now each business requires data, be it to smoothen out their marketing or understanding the market size they serve.

Many leading businesses these days are on the lookout for talented data miners that can go and fetch accurate numbers for them.

2. Cybersecurity

According to recent studies, hacking and data breaches have doubled in the last few years. Massive companies such as Uber are also not safe from data breaches that intend to leak or sell sensitive data. In times like these, companies big and small need people that know how to protect them against such cases.

You can learn these skills from industry experts on learning platforms such as YouTube, Udemy and Coursera and gain some experience in the industry. Once you are both skilled and experienced, you can easily land a stunning job that pays exceptional money.

3. Block Chain

While many still do not believe in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, there is no denying that it certainly is the future of tech. Many advanced countries such as Japan are actively promoting the use of Blockchain and Web3 technology. It’s not far until more countries start accepting the blockchain and it becomes huge.

Since blockchain is still new to many people, it is the perfect time to learn and excel in the field. Even now many blockchain tech-based companies are lacking skillful employees and will agree to pay great money in exchange for a skillful individual.

4. Augmented and Virtual Reality

We have all been hearing about the metaverse for a long time now, but many of its products are still under development. Companies in countries such as the USA, China and Japan are fighting to be the first ones to create the perfect metaverse experience.

In order to do this both successfully and quickly, companies require skilled people who can do the job perfectly. With a total valuation of USD 441.8 million, this is an industry everyone should look into.

5. Cloud Computing

Gone are the days when companies would have to buy massive storage devices in order to store data. Now all they need to do is buy a cloud computing service that manages their storage on the cloud and keeps it both safe and protected from intrusion.

Over the last few years, cloud computing businesses have proven to have the best performance. These companies are always in need of employees that have the practical knowledge to serve their clients.


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