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Twitch beats its own records with 1.7 billion hours watched in November

Written by Talha Ikram ·  53 sec read >

Twitch users have logged a record-breaking 1.7 billion hours watching streams on the platform in the month of November. It seems that everyone is just gaming or watching streams during the pandemic as the twitch stats have been continuously breaking new records. The hours watched for November are up 5 percent from October according to the data by says VentureBeat.

Gaming isn’t what is driving users to their platform, however. Twitch’s non-gaming Just Chatting category has maintained the top position in the most popular category since May. Out of the total 1.7 billion hours watched in November – the category set a record of 228 million hours watched (13.4% of the total hours watched) with a 246% percent increase year-over-year. The 2nd and 3rd were League of Legends and Among Us respectively.

Twitch has slowly been increasing female viewership on its platform by producing content that appeals to more women. “Women are more than 40% of the gaming lifestyle scene [That makes] live streaming platforms the next frontier for beauty products. Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen the beauty category on Twitch grow over 260% in terms of hours watched with cosmetic brands like L’Oréal, MAC, Em, Hero, and e.l.f. already dipping their toes in the water,” StreamElements chief executive officer Doron Nir said.

Meanwhile, Facebook gaming has also been posting strong viewership with more than 1 billion hours watched in Q3 2020. YouTube gaming also witnessed more than 100 billion hours watched in 2020 which is double that of 2018.

Image Source: Lifestyle Asia