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Two Pakistani youngsters developed the first game that could help in fighting COVID 19

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie ·  57 sec read >

The world’s first COVID 19 game has been developed by two Pakistani youngsters. The reason behind developing the game was to create awareness regarding the coronavirus and ways in which people can fight against it. The moral of the game is to counter floating myths by applying behavioral changes. This would help the player in ensuing it as the ‘new normal’

The game can be found on the lay store under the heading of ‘Stop the Spread’. The game will help the player in acquiring general knowledge and strategies regarding COVID 19. Psychologically, the games and its trials will help the layer in earning quickly about coronavirus.

For now, the game has 6 difficulty levels. In the first four levels, the gamer will learn many new facts about this virus, but the myths, and learn every precautionary measure against the COVID 19. If the player clears all 5 stages, then they would be moved to level six thus being considered as a warrior by helping to bring the pandemic under control.

The developers of this game are named Nabhan thirteen years old and Kenan fourteen years old. Both the developers started working on their idea back in February and by April they had fully developed the game. The gaming platform is an excellent resource for sharing valuable information regarding coronavirus.

The developers said: “The children are our future, therefore we must support and promote the innovative and positive constructive contribution from the children towards the betterment of our society.” World Health Organization has been encouraging people to keep on playing video games as it can contribute to stopping the spread of the disease.