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Ufone to give free media air time to three social initiatives this Ramadan

Rehan Ahmed Written by Rehan Ahmed · 1 min read>

Telecom operator Ufone has launched a Ramzan 2016 campaign to promote and donate free media space to 3 humanitarian initiatives in Pakistan.

The Ufone Ramzan 2016 campaign will donate free media space on television channels, newspapers, billboards and digital media to the 3 individuals, enabling them to reach out widely to the masses with their message. Ufone has additionally developed the content for this promotion on all mediums.

The 3 initiatives under this campaign are Operation Eid Child, a small organization that gathers and delivers small gifts-filled shoeboxes; Deewar-e-Mehrbani (Wall of Kindness), an organization responsible for arranging literal walls where people leave extra clothes for people in need; and Khaana Ghar, an organization that provides complete meals of roti and saalan to individuals.

All of the 3 initiatives have been conceived and are conducted by individuals in their personal capacities. These are being highlighted by Ufone to inspire similar ventures and to invite participation in the ongoing activities.

“The telecom industry is generally seen as spending substantially on its own media advertising, brand promotions and celebrity endorsements, but with our Ramzan 2016 campaign we have changed the paradigm by providing media projection to relatively small but highly impactful initiatives,”

said Rainer Rathgeber, CEO Ufone, and added,

Ufone’s brand is all about U and these organizations are a role model for such an attitude. We hope through our lead other companies too will be encouraged to come up with strategies to show ownership of social issues.”

Ufone is known for their top-notch advertisements. Not only they are well thought-out, but also manage to provide a small level of entertainment by being on the funny side. Occasionally, the telecom will also take a dig at other telecom operators, but that too in good taste. With their whole media power behind these campaigns, Ufone can do a whole lot of good in making more and more people contribute.

Recently, a Twitter mishap led the telecom to be on the wrong side of the public. Their Ramzan campaign is a step in the right direction which will correct their earlier missteps.

Written by Rehan Ahmed
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