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Do you find it difficult to choose between different options while shopping online? Is your business’s shopping cart abandonment rate too high? It can be hard to get the full picture of a product online with a simple photo, which may cause people to hesitate before making a purchase. VisionX has a solution called Design My Space that is improving online shopping experiences across many retail sectors. 

VisionX is a software development company that builds custom digital products and mobile applications for businesses as their strategic innovation partner. It helps companies develop and improve their digital experience by integrating emerging technologies to augment their business operations, processes, and offerings. 

E-commerce can provide a more convenient shopping experience than physically going to stores; however, it is not without its challenges. When a potential customer discovers a product online, the first thing they want to know is what it looks like in real life. Even if they are provided high-quality product photos from multiple angles, it cannot provide the full breadth and textural detail of a three-dimensional product. This question is especially pressing when it comes to furniture as it is hard to understand the dimensions of a product and the way it will interact with a specific space through a computer or mobile phone screen. 

Design My Space is a mobile application that uses AR and VR technology to help customers visualize their products in real places. They explain the functionality and benefits of their product as: 

We wanted to tackle this problem using virtual and augmented reality to help customers better visualize the item they are interested in purchasing. By constructing realistic 3D models of the final purchase product, we can give consumers the ability to simply place not just one, but multiple items in a given space to better assess a purchase decision. 

Design My Space uses 3D technology to create computer-generated models of physical objects. Users can easily use their computer or mobile device to place virtual furniture in a real room and see how it will look in reality. The models generated by Design My Space are detailed and true to the texture and size of the real-world objects. 

The application also allows customers to design and see the complete virtual layout of a room or space based on a series of questions related to their design preferences. The most important feature is the ability to measure physical space for furniture. The software merges the measurement data and the 3D models into an easy to use application for consumers to measure their room, plan furniture, and see a mockup of their space. This technology has the potential to change the online shopping experience and can be expanded into categories outside of furniture, such as apparel or electronics.  

VisionX’s 3D models have several other applications in online retail. For instance, retailers can use augmented reality to bring objects to life. The mobile-based application uses the device camera to display a feed of the customer’s environment on the screen and then shows an interactive 3D model of the product in the environment. Customers can easily use their fingers to manipulate the product, move it around, and zoom in and out.  

This augmented reality use case can be expanded with VisionX’s catalog integration. The AR Magazine tech stack maps the product images in a traditional catalog or magazine and associates them with the specific product’s information and AR model. When a customer points their mobile camera at a product they are interested in the app pulls up additional product information and the AR model for them to display in their space. The technology can be applied to a company catalog or a print advertisement and could be used with all sorts of products from kitchen supplies to office chairs to clothing.  

VisionX 3D Artists can help transform the everyday shopping experience into an interactive one by creating physical models of the products you sell and employing them in the best platform for your business. The end result is a cleaner and much more intuitive shopping experience, which not only engages the customer better but also shows off your catalog more efficiently. 

Written by Tehreem Farooqi
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