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VisionX’s Utopian Workplace: 5 reasons why you’ll want to work for them

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Green spaces, indoor recreation and relaxation corners are not the only cool and progressive features that can be found in the workplace design of VisionX and PackageX, a product innovation and AI solutions companies respectively. Headquartered in New York City and backed by R&D in Pakistan, these companies are setting the example of building a productive, collaborative work culture in Pakistan and abroad.

VisionX builds custom digital products and mobile applications for businesses as their strategic innovation partner, while PackageX is a smart mail and package handling solution leveraging computer vision and machine learning to automate the last-yard delivery of mail and packages. PackageX is already live in 140+ countries and more than 500 sites globally.

With people being their main focus, VisionX and PackageX have integrated the concept of openness and collaboration in the design of their workplace with a recently inaugurated facility in Islamabad, Pakistan. This new facility fosters creative collisions and a democratic learning environment, increasing the agility of the workplace. Also, the new facility is compliant with US workplace standards and includes state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team that looks after community-building.

Here is a list of five reasons why VisionX and PackageX are two of the best companies to work for:

1. Fostering productive discourse with a modern open-space layout

Inspired by co-working culture, VisionX and PackageX have an open space layout with no cubicles. Four to five team members sit together, and when the leadership is visiting from the US, they also operate through open offices in the facility, collapsing the ivory towers normally in place for executives. The space design encourages discourse between senior employees and more junior-level employees, breaking down hierarchical barriers and ensuring valuable mentorship opportunities across.

2. Building a community and bonding over games

The facility houses a game room for employees to blow off some steam and to help get their creative juices flowing. Games range from mini-golf and table-tennis to Jenga. Being that they are a tech company focusing on emerging technologies, the recreational facility also has Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality games to play with Oculus. The community-building team hosts monthly game tournaments and also organizes outdoor fun and activities such as go-karting to cultivate team dynamic and cohesion amongst one another. The long term impact pertaining to this recreation will contribute to minimizing stress in the workplace, and provide an opportunity for employees to take a step back and decompress, ensuring goodwill in the workplace.

3. Encouraging gender diversity with inclusive facilities

The leadership of VisionX and PackageX are pro-inclusion and want their facilities to provide a safe working space for all employees, particularly women. The facility houses a Mothers’ Room and it will soon be inaugurating an in-house Nursery that will enable employees, male and female, to bring their children to the workplace.

4. Promoting responsible and sustainable living

The workplace design has integrated green spaces and an airy rooftop that encourages productivity among team members. The community-building team organizes productive activities that help employees cut down on clutter and keep their spaces clean. The company has also cut down on all plastics and switched to biodegradable substitutes. From office helpers to senior employees, these practices reinforce the idea of minimizing hazardous waste and the concept of recycling and reusability. The facility also houses a meditation room, including massage chairs and cozy nap-corners to help employees get in their zen mode and, if they wish to, increase mindfulness.

5. Pursuing transparent communication

Each month, VisionX and PackageX have an all-hands meeting where the teams in Pakistan, Europe, US and Canada all touch base and share work updates amongst one another. This community-building action translates into complete ownership, spanning from leadership down to the rest of the team. Together, the teams share updates, brainstorm solutions, and build a result-oriented focus.

CEO of VisionX, Farrukh Mahboob’s overarching goal for the company is to invest and enable employees to hustle while encouraging work-life balance by offering work-from-home flexibility, extended vacation days and discount offers on wellness programs. It is not just all about work and play but ensuring that employees engage with fellow coworkers and leave the workplace feeling both inspired and fulfilled.

While the facility is relatively new, having just launched in February, nothing in the workspace feels half-baked and the hustle-bustle and seamless operations enabled by a uniquely designed and equipped facility would indicate that it has been operating for much longer. With a strong sense of community, many employees stay here till midnight, either just hanging out or connecting over AR and VR gaming sessions.

Want to work on cutting edge technology while striking a work-life balance and being a part of a community that invests in your growth, VisionX and PackageX is the company to be at!

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