Vivo To Launch World First Drone Camera Phone In Pakistan For Rs.200k

Written by Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman ·  2 min read >

Anticipated to be priced at Rs. 2,07,999 in Pakistan, the Vivo Drone Camera Phone is poised to offer a unique and innovative feature – a flying camera that can be effortlessly slid out of the device, enabling users to capture shots from a considerable distance. Representing a remarkable leap in technology, this flying camera concept is an industry-first, pushing the boundaries of what a smartphone can achieve. However, such cutting-edge features come at a premium, with the Vivo Drone Camera Phone positioned as a high-end offering in the market.

Delving into the specifics of the Vivo Drone Camera Phone’s technical configuration, its launch on February 28, 2022, marked a significant milestone in the realm of smartphone technology. The phone’s physical dimensions are measured at 147.3 x 71.3 x 7.6 mm, with a weight of 228 grams. 

The device boasts the protective prowess of Gorilla Glass 7, ensuring durability and resilience against everyday wear and tear. Featuring a generously sized 6.84-inch display, the phone’s resolution reaches 1440 x 3100 pixels, complemented by the robust Gorilla Glass 7 display protection.

However, the highlight of the Vivo Drone Camera Phone undoubtedly lies in its pioneering camera system. This includes a 200MP drone camera, coupled with additional cameras: a 16MP lens, a 5MP lens, and a 32MP lens. On the front end, the device incorporates a groundbreaking under-display camera, boasting an impressive 64MP resolution. This camera ensemble is designed to capture moments with exceptional clarity, and it positions the Vivo Drone Camera Phone as a strong contender in the realm of mobile photography.

Underpinning the Vivo Drone Camera Phone’s performance is the Android 12 operating system, which facilitates seamless navigation and efficient multitasking. A substantial 6900mAh battery powers the device, providing the necessary juice to sustain prolonged usage periods. This battery capacity is aimed at addressing the demands of power-hungry applications, ensuring that users can rely on their Vivo Drone Camera Phone throughout the day without constant recharging.

In terms of connectivity, the phone supports dual SIM functionality and spans across various network technologies, including GSM, HSDPA, LTE, and 5G. While the exact details of the central processing unit (CPU) remain undisclosed, the Vivo Drone Camera Phone doesn’t compromise on storage capacity, offering options of 128GB or 256GB of built-in storage.

Navigating through the phone’s specifications, it’s evident that the Vivo Drone Camera Phone is designed to appeal to users seeking the pinnacle of technological advancement. The inclusion of Bluetooth v5.2 further enhances its connectivity options, while audio features like loudspeakers and hands-free capabilities cater to a versatile range of user preferences.

The capacity of the phone’s Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) battery, rated at 6900mAh, reflects the emphasis placed on longevity and sustained usage. This robust battery is engineered to accommodate the device’s powerful features, ensuring that users can fully experience the potential of the Vivo Drone Camera Phone without frequent interruptions for charging.

In a landscape where smartphones continually evolve, the Vivo Drone Camera Phone emerges as an emblem of innovation and progress. By introducing a flying camera concept, Vivo not only showcases its commitment to pushing technological boundaries but also redefines the possibilities of mobile photography. However, the elevated price point underscores the premium nature of this innovation, making it an investment for those who seek to embrace the future of smartphone technology. With its unique features and forward-thinking design, the Vivo Drone Camera Phone establishes itself as a symbol of ingenuity and an exciting glimpse into the future of mobile devices.

Written by Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman
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