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WhatsApp Will Now Let You Send HD Photos

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Rolling out higher-quality and HD images over the next few weeks, WhatsApp will also start supporting the transfer of HD videos in the near future

Tired of WhatsApp ruining the images you capture? We all are!, but the messaging platform is finally taking a turn for the right and is finally letting users share higher-quality “HD” images.

“Sharing photos on WhatsApp just got an upgrade, now you can send in HD,” announced Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on his Instagram broadcast channel.

Reading this at the time of publication, it is likely that you still do not have an HD feature, but we suggest you be patient since Meta will slowly be releasing the feature worldwide over the next few weeks.

Despite using the HD image feature, your image is still likely to be slightly compressed by Android, iOS or the web, but the results will definitely be much better than before.

When sending out an image, you will see a small HD gear icon, once selected, this feature will make sure that your image reaches the recipient in the highest possible quality. Recipients will also see the small HD icon on images that are sent to them using the HD feature.


WABetaInfo, while writing about the details of HD feature on the beta version revealed that tapping the HD button opens up a “photo quality” menu, giving users ‘two resolution options’, which are; standard quality (1600 x 1052) and HD quality (4096 x 2692).

Recipients with slow internet connections or a low storage need not be worried since they will also have the option to keep either the standard quality version of the image or upgrade to HD.

All images sent out using the HD feature will fall under the same WhatsApp end-to-end encryption defaults, making them as safe as regular WhatsApp images.

Apart from introducing HD image transfers, WhatsApp will also start supporting the transfer of HD videos in the near future.


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